Dianne Robbins - New York City Artist
Dianne Robbins was born and bred in New York City. She felt the call of "art" early in life and began her career as a fashion illustrator, graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology. For fifteen years her work appeared in The New York Times. She then moved into the advertising world, creating illustrations for Saatchi & Saatchi and Grey WorldWide. Her major clients included AT&T, Children's Tylenol, American Express, Almay and Ivory Soap.

The subtle, day to day changes of growth and development in her own daughter became what she describes as "the most fleeting, precious aspect of life." Drawing pictures of children and mothers and babies became her favorite subject. Eventually she created her own business, Portraits of Childhood.

Dianne's commitment is to create works of art that honor and celebrate the beauty of childhood, the love between mother and child, and the vibrant uniqueness of each child. These portraits are natural, happy and affectionate." Childhood is not a stiff and formal time. I don't think Childrens Portraiture should be that way." One client remarked that Dianne's artwork seems to vibrate with love. "I am touched and honored that the portraits I create become a part of my clients lives and a cherished part of their homes."

Mary and Her Miracle:The Christmas Story Retold

By Barbara Cawthorne Crafton
Illustrations by Dianne Robbins

This delightful story imagines the Christmas narrative. Told with gentle humor and lively imagination by this beloved preacher , writer and retreat leader and tenderly illustrated by Dianne Robbins.

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